Technical and mechanical specifications

  • Working width: 2.500 – 7.500 mm
  • Length capacity:25 m – 60 m
  • Rolls diameter:150 mm
  • Inlet / Outlet position:Bottom through

Composition of the machine

  • Steel frame with protection enclosure up to 2,30m / 7,5feet above the floor
  • The movement of mobile carriage is guaranteed by synchronized chains with shafts
  • Mobile cart moving thanks to pneumatic cylinders
  • Material load is min. 0,01 kg/cm, max. load is 0,1 kg/cm
  • Electronic checking system of tension on accumulator
  • The control system of tension on product is handled automatically by the touch panel
  • A proportional valve is controlled automatically; the tension adjusting on the product is automatic, different pressures can be set in the two phases of accumulation and dis-accumulation, you can parameterize the pressures with proportional system from the beginning to the end of accumulation / dis-accumulation
  • At the entrance or exit of the accumulator will be installed an inspection area with backlight for viewing through the material. Material inspection will be from the left (bottom) side of the material. Material will be guided with rollers to be able to walk underneath the material in order to inspect the material visual from the bottom side
  • Possibility for inspection from right (top) side can be available as well. An additional walkway (NOT included in this quotation) would be necessary

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