Needle boards

The evolution of needle boards has experienced several stages of development during the past decades. In the beginning, needle boards were made of plywood. Later on the wooden boards were covered with thin steel sheets, in order to increase the wear resistance, respectively to guarantee a better and longer fit of the felting needles.

A temporary solution was to use plastic or steel inserts (inserts), which had the advantage to be exchangeable, but the fit and precision of the needles was not that accurate as requested. For this reason, the execution made of aluminum alloy or magnesium alloy, covered with Polyamide or Polyurethane and 15gg holes, drilled directly into the board (without inserts) became accepted by most of the customers finally. Some machine manufacturers use a special magnesium alloy instead of aluminum alloy.

That provides the advantage to reduce masses in movement and on the other hand, enables to go higher speeds with the needle loom. As an expert in manufacturing of needle boards, we have thoroughly thought out that topic and developed the so called DUPLEX needle boards with a double-sided plastic coating.

Those boards have a plastic coating on needle and crank side, optional by Polyamide or Polyurethane. The big benefit of this execution is the protection of the aluminum or magnesium core against mechanical damages during inserting or removal of felting needles, which increase the life span of the needle boards drastically.

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