Technical and mechanical specifications

  • Working width: 2.500 – 7.500 mm
  • Needling:One (SBD) needle board from top
  • Needles:according to gauge
  • Stroke:30 mm
  • Strokes:up to 1.800 Strokes/min
  • With lamellar bed plate for ribbs
  • Including driven entrance rollers
  • Including driven exit rollers

Design needle loom SBDD with movable bed plate

  • The design machine is equipped with up and down movable lamellar bed plate for effective pattern.
  • The rapid movement in mechanically by high acceleration report motors.
  • System allows rapid change in different levels, controlled by microprocessor.
  • For effective relieves and double pads, double colors as well as effective chromatic

Design needle loom SBDD with movable bed plate

  • Main drive shaft and eccentric units with oil lubrication gearbox technology for high efficiency
  • Automatic oiling system with oil chiller and filtration unit
  • Mainframe of needle looms in heavy duty welded steel construction
  • Adjustable bed and stripper plates in steel, each equipped with gearbox motor for adjustment
  • Pneumatic clamping system for needle boards
  • Machines equipped with vibration dampers
  • Entrance rolls (if applicable) and exit rolls in steel with gearbox motors and individual frequency inverters
  • Main drives of needle looms with strong AC motors and individual frequency inverters

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