Technical and mechanical specifications

  • Working width: 2.500 – 5.000 mm
  • Needling: Two needle boards from top
  • Needles: approx. 2 x 8.000 needles/m
  • Stroke: 30-40 mm
  • Strokes: max. 1.800 Strokes/min

Composition of the machine

  • Machine is composed of a lower and an upper frame, both frames are made in welded steel structure. The upper frame has an internal housing for the drive shafts as well as two chambers filled with concrete to reduce vibrations of the machine to a minimum value. This construction is also very effective for the reduction of the noise emitted by this type of needle loom.
  • The machine is assembled on antivibration pads.
  • The needle loom is equipped with a centralized lubrication system. Due to the machines construction with a single housing for both drive shafts in the upper part of the machine, it is possible to guarantee a high efficient lubrication. An oil cooling device is positioned outside of the machine. This keeps the wear and the temperature on the loads parts (eccentric units & piston) very low.
  • The drive shafts are balanced for high rotating speeds. All moving parts are made for reliable long-term usage with maximum speed.
  • To have perfect anti-friction properties, the surfaces of the piston guiding’s are covered with a special material coating. The double lubrication sealing on the piston housings prevents oil leaks. A oil recirculation pipe prevents an over pressure inside the piston housing and oil leaks.
  • Aluminium needle beams with pneumatic needle board clamping and electrical clamping control with alarm at a pressure loss.
  • The needle loom has doors for easy access for maintenance; all doors equipped with safety switches.
  • The velour needle loom is equipped with a special velour brush apron. The brushes are fixed on aluminium rails and the aluminium rails are connected with special belts. The brush apron moves on an adjustable table for regulation of penetration depth. Adjustment of the table with screw jacks installed over the full width of the machine.
  • Brushes made with pile in PA6.12 crimped, Fibre diameter 0.20 mm (different upon request) and Pile 20 mm height (different upon request)
  • Cleaning system for the brush apron consisting of a needled roller and brush roller.
  • Control system with state of the art HMI. Touchscreen with easy process control and adjustment.

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