Technical and mechanical specifications

  • Working width: 2.500 – 7.500 mm
  • Doffing of rolls:Pneumatic
  • Min. / max. Speed:0 – 22m/min
  • Rolling:Face in / Face out
  • Cores:3-4” Cardboard tubes
  • Max. diameter of rolls:approx. 1.500 mm

Composition of the machine

  • Steel frame with two cylinders for winding. Rolls diameter approx. 420 mm (16,5 inch)
  • Winding cylinders are driven by gearbox motor and frequency inverter to control the speed of the winder from 0 – 22m/min
  • Winding cylinders are either equipped with PVC adhesive tape or made in metal grip finish according to customers’ requirements
  • Guiding rolls inside the winder for two rolling direction. Nonwoven material can we wound left or right side on outside of roll
  • Guides for accurate winding of rolls
  • Ejection / doffing of finished rolls with pneumatic system
  • Winder is designed to handle cardboard / plastic or other core tubes in diameters from 3 – 4 inches (76 – 100 mm)
  • Winder will be equipped with length counter, accuracy 0,03%
  • Winder is capable to handle roll diameters up to 60 inches (1.500 mm)
  • Actuating controls (push buttons, foot pedal, etc.) according to customer requirements

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